Curriculum Package


The FEAST high school program and resources have been developed to ensure the latest teaching and learning approaches are used to implement a real-world curriculum, offering students opportunities to develop understanding and a hands-on approach to sustainability and healthy eating.

Enrolled schools get access to an online portal which includes:

  • Unit of Work and a ‘Student Task’ for assessment
  • Lesson plans to help deliver the program in Technology
  • Student Design Folio and a design brief to produce the “Fight Food Waste” promo
  • 18 FEAST Recipes hot or cold, fun and easy recipes
  • Teacher Answer booklet with detailed responses to the student resources

The FEAST Curriculum One-Pager provides a full description of the Australian Curriculum strands and content descriptors, cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities addressed in the FEAST program for primary and high schools.

The unit of work and lesson plans outline in detail how FEAST addresses the Australian Curriculum and State Syllabus Content Descriptors as well as the cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.

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  • Unit of Work Inquiry
    Unit of Work Inquiry
  • Design Folio
    Design Folio
  • Lesson Plans
    Lesson Plans
  • Sample of Recipes
    Sample of Recipes

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