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OzHarvest identified an opportunity in the Australian Curriculum to bring together sustainability, food waste and nutrition education, creating a new and exciting program for Year 7 & 8 students.

FEAST is a FREE program that addresses the Australian Curriculum in Design and Technologies and Food Specialisations content and can be adapted to suit your school’s needs or delivered in an online learning environment.

During the 10-week program, students learn about the issue and impact of food waste on our environment and how to plan, prepare and cook healthy and nutritious recipes. They follow a design process to produce an information sheet, design their own ‘Use It Up’ recipe and showcase their research and knowledge in a creative ‘Fight Food Waste’ promo.

To run the program, teachers are encouraged to sign up to a FREE 2-hour online professional development teacher training provided by OzHarvest that is interactive, practical and easy to complete.

To start your FEAST journey, fill out the registration form and one of our team will get in touch to start the enrolment process.

Thanks to support from corporate and philanthropic organisations, financial support is available to help eligible schools undertake the program. Eligibility for funding is confirmed after registration.

Watch FEAST in action!

The wonderful students and teachers at Ingleburn High School share with us what they love about the FEAST program.

How does the FEAST high school program address the Australian Curriculum outcomes and NSW Technology Mandatory syllabus?

When applying the process of “Design and Production”, high school students engage actively with real world solutions and use technological skills, knowledge and understanding to create solutions to reduce food waste. Through questioning and seeking solutions to problems, students develop an understanding of the relationship between food science and technology, and the significance of their contribution to and influence on society and our natural world.

Students actively engage with real-world solutions and use technological skills, knowledge and understanding to create solutions to reduce food waste, ensuring that all Australians have a sustainable future.

This unit addresses the cross-curriculum priorities of Sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, as well as several general capabilities.

For more information about the FEAST high school program addresses the curriculum, access the FEAST Curriculum one-pager.

Should all the activities in the FEAST program be undertaken?

The program is adaptable and flexible to suit your needs! You can choose to run the unit for several weeks or an entire term, depending on your school’s circumstances.

Where can I find the teacher and student resources?

Once enrolled in the program, you and your students will get free access to our online portal to download all the lessons and activities you need. We also offer a 3-hour online training module that is flexible and practical to kick start your journey in fighting food waste with your students.

Can I teach the program as an online course as well?

Yes, our resources are available through an online portal and access is provided as soon as your school has enrolled in the program.

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